TripConnect by TripAdvisor

TripConnect cost-per-click campaigns spotlight your rates and availability in realtime from BookVisit— and drive booking-ready travelers straight to your website’s booking page!

Travelers can now quickly research and compare pricing and availability directly within TripAdvisor. Using a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model, accommodation owners can compete for direct bookings and drive booking-ready visitors directly to your website’s booking page with no commission payable. 

If you want to drive more direct bookings, it’s vital to appear in these results, right where travelers go to make their booking decisions!

How does BookVisit work with TripConnect?

The integration of BookVisit with TripConnect allows you to generate CPC campaigns on the fly. Simply place bids to appear in the price and availability search results which represents how much you’re willing to pay for a qualified lead. When booking-ready travelers click on your CPC ad in these results, they are taken directly to your hotel’s website to complete the transaction and will be charged for this click accordingly.


What are the benefits of using TripConnect?

Maximize bookings
Attract travelers with your rates and availability from your website compared to the rates with the OTA:s — and then send them directly to your booking page with a single click.
Increase Revenues
Once you get the customer direct to your BookVisit platform you can use our dynamic up sell capabilities to increase per-guest revenues.
Reduce Costs
When you generate more direct bookings, you spend less in commission fees. TripConnect brings the power to maximize direct bookings to your fingertips.